Olio San Giuliano Monocultivar

Monocultivar Bosana

This single-variety Extra Virgin olive oil is obtained exclusively from Bosana olives, grown in Alghero and northern Sardinia and harvested at an optimal stage of ripeness.
The Bosana olive is synonymous of Sardinia, a small, great fruit that expresses an harmonious and elegant oil on the palate

Origin: North Sardinia (Italy)

Cultivar: Bosana

Colour: intense golden yellow with slight green highlights

Aroma: hints of unripe tomato, enriched by notes of artichoke and celery.

Flavour: fruity of medium intensity, rich in herbaceous nuances of artichoke and cardoon, slightly bitter aftertaste and spicy finish

Suggested uses:particularly suitable for fresh and uncooked food and excellent on grilled meats, grilled vegetables and soups

Available sizes:

500ml and 750ml in customized Premium bottles in dark gree glass