Olio San Giuliano DOP Sardegna

DOP Sardegna

San Giuliano Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP expresses all the qualities and peculiarities of Sardinian oils. It is produced mainly from olives of the Bosana and Semidana varieties grown on the north-western coasts of Sardinia, in lands exposed to the sun and the uncontaminated sea air full of typical Mediterranean fragrances.

Origin: North Sardinia, Italy

Cultivar: Bosana, Semidana

Colour: Intense golden yellow with green hues

Aroma: intense herbaceous notes

Flavour: harmonious pleasantly bitter and spicy with notes of artichoke, celery and green tomato.

Suggested uses: ideal for enhancing the natural flavours of dishes prepared with simple ingredients, excellent on soups and vegetable first courses.

Available sizes: 500ml and 750ml in customized dark green glass bottle.