Without olive trees there is no future

It is this awareness that drives our Family to look to the future with confidence, firmly believing in the innovative drive on which it has decided to focus.

More than 150 hectares - in addition to our historic agricultural properties - cultivated according to the most modern olive growing techniques: the new Poderi San Giuliano in Sardinia represent a fundamental change, not only for our island.

A change in mentality that sees us as protagonists, without which our land and our Country risk remaining anchored to old models destined to be surpassed.

Thus, while many remain inert due to fear of the "unknown", in 2013 our company embarked on a new challenge. A long-term project that we have called Novolivo, based on the acquisition of suitable land and the subsequent planting of olive trees, on an area of 600/700 hectares over the next five years.

Bosana, Nera d'Oliena, but also Coratina, Arbechina, Arbosana: a variety of cultivars that allows us to obtain different sensory bouquets and to meet the needs of national and international markets by offering a variety of 100% Italian products.

An ambitious goal: more than a thousand hectares of olive groves cultivated according to modern standards, monitoring and enhancing the regional varieties of excellence.

The Novolivo project carries out research to identify and describe the varieties best suited to the most modern farming systems. In collaboration with the Department of Agriculture of the University of Sassari, our company has set up an experimental field in which the main varieties of the regional olive germoplasm can be found and compared to the varieties used internationally for this system.

A unique example in Sardinia and a great opportunity for the growth and development of olive cultivation on our island.

The Novolivo project

An act of faith towards the future but also towards a product that has unique characteristics, both from a nutritional and nutraceutical point of view, and towards a segment that we do not want to lose but rather to thrive, creating value for generations to come.