The tradition of a company that looks to the future.

San Giuliano is an historic agricultural, milling and packaging company in Alghero, Sardinia, with a reduced environmental impact - but that’s not all. Today, San Giuliano is preparing to represent the future of Sardinian and Italian olive growing, based on a solid oil processing tradition.
For over one hundred years, we have been producing an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil from a careful selection of exclusively Sardinian and national varieties; a vast range that is complemented by our 100% European blends.

Valued Choices

How does the quality of San Giuliano Extra Virgin Olive Oil come to life?
There are many aspects that contribute to achieving such high quality standards.

Certainly, the strict control over the entire production process.
The care with which we follow the entire process - from harvesting to extraction, from storage to distribution - is what gives our oils their unique characteristics, both in terms of flavour and also from a sensorial and health aspect.
A UNI ISO 22005:2007 certified chain traceability system, one of the most sought-after and complex certifications in the agri-food sector, allows us to document the history of our production, enabling us to trace the origin and location of our products and their individual components.
This is a major guarantee of quality for our consumers and a further step taken by our company - the only one in Sardinia to have obtained this certification - towards safeguarding and enhancing the unique Italian oil production culture.

But it is not “only” this.
The excellence of our products is the result of a precise modus operandi that has always guided and distinguished every single member of the San Giuliano team.
Punctuality, precision, continuity and an extremely high level of expertise.
This is how we work every day to ensure that San Giuliano products have the unique and distinctive elements that gives them worldwide appeal.
A selection of Extra Virgin Oils that, in terms of aroma, colour, taste, health properties and longevity, resemble a perfect harmonic structure.

In the land of flavour and health

167,495 olive trees are part of our company today; a number that is destined to grow year after year. We continue to invest resources and knowhow in the production of an excellent quality oil and to count on our Land for a future of even greater possibilities.

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